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The Power of Data Persuasion: Optimising your Data driven Business Case

29 Apr 2021

When extracting insights from project data, a symptom of not understanding the problem statement, is that we often get overwhelmed and dive in without any substantial planning. We end up with several shallow takes on what our data might suggests, but we lack the depth to support

Power Break [EN] | Power BI Certification (DA-100)

24 Oct 2020

Power Break 2020-10-19 Follow the next event live and interact with experts via

Session materials:

Internal and External Sharing/Distribution in Power BI

16 May 2020

A recording of the session held for the Power BI Manchester User Group (Virtual) on 30th April 2020 where Rishi covered admin tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive overview of the various options for sharing and distributing Power BI content, internally and externally

Modern Power BI Architecture with Dataflows

4 Mar 2020

In this episode, we're joined by Microsoft MVP and Senior Power BI Consultant Rishi Sapra ( We'll look at how Power BI can be deployed at an enterprise scale using dataflows. Combined with Governance and adoption strategies, this allows companies to implement managed self-service Intelligence across a large organisation.

Power BI Days 2019 04 - Aggregations and What if Scenario Modelling in Power BI

10 May 2019

Power BI isn’t just a read-only historical view of your data - you can also enter parameters which feed into your model and drive outputs under different scenarios. In this session Rishi will show this process using a simple Power Apps form embedded into Power BI, supported by a basic workflow. This solution is made even more seamless by combining a direct query connection to the parameter table with an imported data model on the full dataset, utilising the new Composite Model feature of Power BI. Also learn how to utilise this feature to build aggregate tables – fast in-memory tables for viewing data grouped by one or more dimensions with an automatic switch to Direct Query when drilling down into transaction-level views. The sheer breadth of uses cases to which this can apply, and the performance/power it can bring to your reports is guaranteed to take your breath away!

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