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DP-500 Exam Prep with Andy, Nikola and Rishi

In this 2 hour marathon session, Andy Cutler, Nikola Ilic and Rishi cover the full breadth of the DP-500 syllabus: Implement and manage a data analytics environment, Query and transform data, Implement and manage data models and Explore and visualize data (20–25%).

Rishi also provides some example questions from the Learn Data Insights (LDI) quiz library to bring some interactivity into the session!


Presentation Slides 

Power BI Break: DA-100 Exam Preparation

In this session, Rishi looks at what the DA-100 exam is, why you should consider taking it what is covered in the exam and how you can prepare.


Note that this exam has since been superseded by the PL-300 though many of the same tips and concepts still apply!

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